Sophie Webster – Coronation Street

This is a playlist of Sophie storylines and appearances of note from around 2016 and onwards. I also added some possibly relevant clips of Kate & Caz, another lesbian couple from Coronation Street. There might be something happening between Sophie and Kate, despite the fact that Kate and Caz is planning their wedding. Drama! I will be adding new clips to this post as the story progresses.

There is a whole bunch of playlists involving Sophie and her previous girlfrends that you can check out via its tag here.

EDIT: The second part of the episode from the 8th of april 2016 got blocked by youtube, but the wonderful uploader frabbey came through and re-uploaded it on DailyMotion. I’ve embedded that clip below.


Hollyoaks – Esther

Alright, since Kim seems to be mostly out of the picture now I thought I’d start a new post/playlist about just Esther and the things she’s up to. There might be some romantic drama coming up there so I thought I’d put this playlist of frabbeys Hollyoak clips here.

In the future, I’ll probably add everything here, no matter which lady Esther might get involved with. So remember this URL or bookmark this page!

If you don’t know about Hollyoaks or Esther just click the little tags at the bottom of this post and you’ll find an assortment of posts with clips and playlists that will make things a little more clear.

All My Children – The Romantic Life of Bianca Montgomery

Bianca Montgomery was a pretty iconic lesbian character in the soap opera All My Children. I think she was one of the first american soap opera characters to actually come out and definitively state that she was a lesbian. She had a number of relationships throughout her run on the show and I have most of them here.

Before you start watching though, I should put a trigger warning for sexual violence though. I won’t spoil anything beyond that for those of you who haven’t seen it, but I need people to be aware of it.

Bianca and Frankie Stone


Bianca and Lena Kundera & Bianca and Maggie Stone


Bianca and Reese Williams


Bianca and Marissa Tasker

Esther and Kim from Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks Esther Bloom has been featured here before, mainly in her romance with Tilly (who, sadly, is now no longer on the show). She’s had a new love interest for a while now, however. They’ve not gotten much screen time, but I’ve tried to find most of it.

Sophie and Maddie Love Story from Coronation Street

Coronation Street is a british soap opera which features a great young lesbian character, Sophie Webster. I’ve previously posted her romance with her friend Sian and later her relationship with erstwhile physical therapist, Jenna. As is the nature of things in soap operas, those didn’t last. But around christmas last year, a new girl entered Sophies life: Maddie.

Here’s a playlist with their interactions.

EDIT: Alright, the Sophie and Maddie storyline has now officially ended. The playlist is as complete as it’ll ever be.

The story of Léa and Cristal – Plus Belle La Vie

The french soap Plus Belle La Vie had a lovely little lesbian story a few years back. Here it is. It is in french and the subtitles in the first clip are horrible, but you can sort of keep up with what’s happening. In the last two clips, the subtitles are significantly better.

Main story

Brief reunion

Léa wants to leave for Geneva