Daria & Lisa – 10%

A delightful lesbian-themed series created for Instagram. 1 lift, 2 girls, 100 10-second episodes. This clip is a compilation of all those episodes.

If you’d rather watch it in their intended form, check out their instagram page at: https://www.instagram.com/10percento/


LSB – The Series – Season 2

This italian web series centers around a group of non-straight friends in Rome. The show is in italian but there are subtitles via youtube. This is the second series/season. You can find the first one either here on the site or via their official pages at the bottom of this post.

Official web page (in italian).
Official Youtube channel

Re(l)azioni a catena

Re(l)azioni a catena is a charmingly whimsical italian web series by BADhOLE Video about a lesbian physicist who suddenly gets saddled with her aunts two daugthers when she mysteriously disappears. That combined with a complicated new twist on her love life makes thing a lot more interesting for our protagonist.

BADhOLE Video official website
Official youtube channel

The series is in italian, but there are english (plus french, german and spanish) subtitles available.