The Tunnel – Elise and Eryka

“Set primarily in Folkestone and Calais where detectives Karl Roebuck and Elise Wassermann are called to investigate the death of a French politician. When a shocking discovery is made at the crime scene, the pair is forced into an uneasy partnership as they seek out a politically-motivated serial killer who draws them into his own personal agenda.”

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These clips deal with the relationship between one of the main characters, Elise, and a person she encounters while on an investigation, Eryka.

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The story of Léa and Cristal – Plus Belle La Vie

The french soap Plus Belle La Vie had a lovely little lesbian story a few years back. Here it is. It is in french and the subtitles in the first clip are horrible, but you can sort of keep up with what’s happening. In the last two clips, the subtitles are significantly better.

Main story

Brief reunion

Léa wants to leave for Geneva

Unité 9

Unité 9 is a french-canadian drama series about a women’s prison. So it’s not a huge shock that there’s some lesbian content there. It’s handled quite good, however, and it’s a pleasure to watch. With its second season done, there are three “larger” lesbian relationships/storylines so far.

There’s Michelle and Avril. Avril is the henchwoman of one of the scarier kingpins in the unit and she and Michelle starts a relationship of convienence.


Then there’s the short little storyline (so far!) of Suzanne and Annie. Suzanne is a shy and quiet inmate who connects with Annie, a survivor of breast cancer.


And then there’s my favourite. Jeanne and Melissa. Melissa is a the sizzling hot new guard at the maximum security block and Jeanne is the sly and androgynously attractive Jeanne, one of the inmates. They have great chemistry and makes for an intriguing couple.


I’m sorry, but I forgot to grab the subtitles when I saved the clip above. If anybody has them or is willing to make new ones, feel free to contact me.

EDIT 2: I found an alternate source for the Jeanne & Melissa storyline!

EDIT: Sorry, folks. The user that hosted all these clips seem to have been banned from youtube. If you know of an alternate source, or if you happen to be that user and have those clip lying around, contact me via the form in the menu.