Recommended Lesbian Fiction

Looking for something to read? Here is a page where I’ll present lesbian fiction that I, other people or even the authors themselves would like you to take a look at. Authors of lesbian fiction need all the exposure they can get and I’m more than happy to help in whatever small way I can.

If you want your work featured on this page or know of something that should be here, drop me a line via the contact form!


Island of Discovery: A Ladies in Love Romance by Magda McKune.

island“Mary Ann Wilson could not deny her increasing desire for her best friend and housemate Gillian Gilmore. She must refrain from acting on her rising passion for fear that if her feelings are not reciprocated it may cause irreparable damage to their friendship. Mary Ann’s willpower and resolve are put to the test when she and Gillian are trapped aboard a disabled fishing boat during a tropical storm and find themselves marooned on a deserted Caribbean island. Cut off from the rest of the world, Gillian and Mary Ann have only themselves to rely on for survival, and only each other to keep themselves warm at night.

Can Mary Ann manage to restrain her growing desires for Gillian on this remote island? Or will her passion for her best friend become too powerful for her to control?”

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Velvet Desire: A Ladies in Love Romance by Magda McKune.

velvet“Two murders – two weeks – same M.O. Young black exotic dancers stabbed to death and no leads.

Police Lieutenant Lori Sanders was feeling the heat from the top brass to get results and needed an unorthodox scheme to catch the killer: send a cop undercover posing as a stripper. Luckily, Officer Velvet Purcell fit that requirement perfectly. A beautiful face, fantastic body, and the sensuous moves of an exotic dancer – welcome Miss Velvet Desire! But when Lieutenant Sanders is found discussing the case backstage at the Pussy Cat Club, Velvet quickly improvises by saying Lori is her lover.

The two women work undercover together exploring possible leads and murder suspects, all the while trying to act believable as a couple. Lines of reality soon become blurred when the ladies take their roles too far and their performance becomes a little too convincing . . .”

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At Your Service: A Ladies in Love Romance by Magda McKune.

service“Denise Bordeaux is young, beautiful, and rich but lacks motivation and direction in her life since graduating from a prestigious East Coast university. She intends to start her own company just like her successful entrepreneur father had done. Through a strange mix-up, Denise finds herself hired as personal attendant to Kathryn Harris, matriarch of the posh HarrisStar Hotels. Denise schemes to use this opportunity of her newly-acquired position to learn all about the business world from her wealthy benefactor.

What the young girl had not planned on was falling in love . . .

Can Denise shield her true identity from her employer without risking her lover’s trust? Will love survive her deception once the truth is discovered who Kathryn Harris’ private attendant really is?”

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The Ghost of Crawford Castle: A Ladies in Love Romance by Magda McKune.

ghosts“Amy Crawford didn’t believe in ghosts.
She didn’t believe she would ever find true love, either.

Little does Amy realize that when she inherits an old castle in the rural Irish countryside, it would offer the young woman an opportunity to believe in both.

Miss Crawford soon discovers the castle is haunted by a beautiful young woman, Gwenna O’Dell. Amy comes to realize that she has strong feelings for this ethereal being. Can Amy’s love and desire transcend across time and space, even beyond the boundary of death itself to be with the Ghost of Crawford Castle?”

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Falling Apart Feels Fantastic by L A Hill.

falling_apart“Ellie Esher needs a change and not the sort of change where you take a holiday and feel better. It needs to be a be a big, earth shattering change. On cue, Professor Helena Goldstein breezes into Ellie’s life and nothing will be the same again.”

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Dark Feather by Anna Bonde Hinke.

712VAPUOxSL “A girl; a girl was all Emma Oaksby was – a girl, living in a small town in a big, racist, homophobic and terrible world. She’s a skater, and an attention-seeker, and she’s content with having only one friend – her three years younger cousin, although she sometimes hates being a loner. She’s actually pretty satisfied with her life… that is, until she meets a mysterious girl named Amy, whom turns her life upside down. Emma discovers that maybe she’s not as content with life as she thought, and she experiences this beautiful emotion that we humans call: love.”

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Past Time by Lily Verlaine.

61keIv3auaL._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_“Who is Michaela, and what dark secret may she yet uncover?
A dark Gothic tale of obsession, madness, and awakened sexuality. Michaela is dull by her own admission, a Victorian girl, living in a sleepy village on Industrial Manchester’s doorstep. Once she enters Larch Wood Hall, her life will never be the same again. A ghost encounter with a mystery woman, who once broke her heart, enters her into the greatest of adventures that cross back and forth across two centuries, in search of a girl she once loved and still does. Along the way she encounters a hidden side of Manchester’s underworld, the music hall and the prettiest drag queen you could ever imagine, and discovers her feelings for women are not at all uncommon, at a place known as ‘Jim’s’. In the 18th century, she finds her niche as a drag king ‘renter’ and a kept woman to another woman! But will she ever find happiness with the woman of her dreams, in either century? And if so will that be the end of the mystery? A dark fantasy with many twists and turns, which should keep the reader guessing until the very end.”

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