Once and Again: Jessie and Katie

In the third season of the american TV show Once and Again, Jessie (played by Evan Rachel Wood) embarks on a relationship with a girl at her school, Katie (played by Mischa Barton). It’s a very sweet storyline and I highly recommend it.

Here it is:


Tilly from Hollyoaks

I admit that I’m not entirely sure exactly what Hollyoaks is. I know it’s a soap of some kind, but there’s all these different versions of it and it confuses the hell out of me. But I do know that there was a terrific lesbian character called Tilly Evans, a young college (in the british sense of the word, which means some kind of senior high school thing?) student. Tilly had a number of storylines and relationships that were really entertaining.

First it was her relationship with Jen, a teacher at college. You can watch that storyline here:

And then it was her relationship with Esther, one of her school mates:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The Story of Beth Jordache

One of the earliest (that I know of) and most iconic lesbian soap opera characters in the UK was Beth Jordache. The soap was called Brookside (and has since been cancelled) and was a bit over the top at times, as soaps tend to be. But the story of Beth Jordache and her coming out and dating various girls is still pretty good, considering it was the early 90’s. This playlist is at around 6 hours, so be prepared for a long watch. Enjoy!

Sophie and Sian love story from Coronation Street

Coronation Street is a british soap opera which features a great young lesbian character, Sophie. Her story caught our attention when she embarked on a wonderful romance with her best friend, Sian. I found a playlist on youtube that chronicles that love story.

Alles Wird Gut / Everything Will Be Fine

Nabou, an Afro-German slacker, desperatly wants to win back her club kid ex-girlfriend Katja. Nabou becomes a housekeeper for Katja’s neighbor, Kim, who is a workaholic that is striving to become a partner in an advertising agency. A refreshing romantic comedy with the ingredients of a classic lesbian feature: whimsical sexiness, mistaken identity, and general madness and mayhem.

Alles Wird Gut

If the youtube playlist above isn’t working, you can watch the movie HERE as well.

What’s Up, Scarlet?

Scarlet is a single, workaholic Los Angeles matchmaker with no love life. Scarlet’s mother is constantly trying to fix her up, to Scarlet’s chagrin. Everything changes when homeless actress Sabrina crashes into her car, and into her life.

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