More goodies from Magda McKune

Hello again!

Magda McKune has been generous enough to offer another of her wonderful short stories to us here at Escapism Central. This time it’s a detective story called Over exposed featuring private eye Linda Pearl and her companion/sidekick Carla McBain.

To download the story (in pdf format) click here!

And as always, go check out the recommended fiction section, where you can get a hold of more of Magda McKunes novels.


A treat from author Magda McKune

Hello escapists!

Today I can offer you a treat from author Magda McKune. She has been kind enough to offer one of her short stories for download as a pdf file here on Escapism Central. It is called Step by Step and you can download it by clicking this link.

It’s the story of Maggie Malone, a real estate agent who needs to learn to dance for her sister’s wedding. That path leads her to meet Sally, a dance instructor. I’ll let you find out what happens next yourselves. 😉

While you’re at it, go check out our recommended fiction section, where you can get a hold of more of Magda McKunes work.

Lonely Eyes

Ch. 1

“Oh my god, this girl is crazy!” Kennedi laughed to herself as Payton slid into her driveway filled with snow. Kennedi climbed in the big white Chevy letting her new friend know just how crazy she was. It was snowing that day and Kennedi couldn’t drive very well in snow. In Tennessee, it snowed a wet, heavy snow. Never light and fluffy like Colorado. Kennedi worked part time where Payton did and recently they’d been working the same shift so it only made sense to ride together.

The two met about a year ago, only becoming close in the recent months.  Their children went to the same elementary school. Through relieving each other at work and passing one another in the car rider line a friendship began.

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Tennessee Sun

Ch. 1

The wide open road was my happy place just me and my dog out to conquer the world. It’s the only place that makes me feel at ease since my girlfriend of five years passed away. I had to get away after her passing about a year ago. She fought cancer for two long years before it took her life.

We have a beautiful three-year old daughter together, Sunni. She has gorgeous, sandy blond hair, honey brown eyes and four legs. The smartest mutt you will ever meet in your life.

Casey and I found Sunni on a trip to north Kentucky a few years back. I saw her huddled by an ice machine not far from the trash cans. She couldn’t have been more than a month old. She looked like a little bear begging to be loved. I carried the sweet and stinky little canine back to the truck completely incognito.

Casey would be back from the bathroom soon. I quickly dusted the pup off and laid her in my lap. Then I tied my lanyard from my keys around her neck to form a bow. I saw Casey coming. With wide eyes and a guilty face I instructed the pup to calm down; really it was me who needed to chill out. I’d asked Casey many times in the past to get a dog and it was always a no. We didn’t have a yard big enough.

When she opened the truck door I held Sunni up by my face. My big blue eyes were filled with excitement and I gave Casey the look of ‘Can we? Oh, please please can we?!’

“What the hell Rayn? Where did you get that dog?” She said with laughter in her voice.

“Well, you see honey… I was throwing away trash and there she was sad and all alone. She needed me!” I over exaggerated with a frown.

I continued to bribe my lady. “Look at these eyes, Baby. She’s beautiful and her coat is so soft.”

“How do you know she doesn’t belong at one the houses around here?” Casey protested.

I began to get a little heated. She wasn’t even mine but I didn’t want this puppy to be anyone else’s.

“You need to go ask whose puppy this is.” She demanded.

It was time to negotiate with my beautiful foe on this matter. I straightened in my seat, lowered my eyebrows and said “I’m going to take her and ask who she belongs to. If no one claims her, she’s ours Casey Lynn.” She knew I was serious when I used her middle name.

Considering this intense deal Casey huffed and brushed her dark red hair from her brow. She shifted her weight and settled in position with her right hand on her hip. She was so damn adorable when she was feisty.

“Fine whatever Rayn.” Casey huffed in defeat.

I let out a whoop of excitement and with Casey in tow I hurried to the houses nearby. None of the people we talked to recognized the dog. After speaking with the store clerk we learned that someone dumped four puppies a few days ago.  The sweet girl I was holding was the only one left.

Casey laughed and shook her head in defeat. I shook with excitement. Me and Sun shook our tails together leaving that parking lot. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

It didn’t take long for Casey to warm up to our newest family member. Less than two hours later she had Sunni in her lap claiming ‘the back seat was too scary for a little dog’.

“Sure it is, honey” I rolled my eyes and laughed. Casey adored the pup. Little did we know that little puppy would grow up to be a 195 pound Mastiff mix. She was still our baby though.

But now when I look in the passenger seat all I see is Sunni with her head hanging out of the window biting wind that flew by. Casey was gone and here we were trying to live without her.


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